Kupfer-Hörner (Copper-Horns)

„During a night walk along the canal, when everything is acoustically more intense in the darkness, I heard an impressive exchange between a ship’s horn and the horn of a distant freight train."

Technical Details

Year: 2010

A horn group consists of 64 horns, small, modified ship’s horns. 32 horns have copper bells whose sound color is reminiscent of trumpets. Each wind machine is powered by a portable air compressor of the type used in road construction with a minimum pressure of 7 bar or 100 psi (pounds per square inch) and an air flow capacity of 1.000 to 2000 CFM (cubic feet per minute), These units have an operating dBA as low as 64 db which significantly reduces the incidence of unwanted noise. The ship’s horns are tuned diatonically and are controlled by a computer.

steel, copper


height 500cm [=16.4 ft.] x width 200cm [=6.6 ft.]


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