D-Pfeifen (D-Pipes)

„Dusting my workbench in the studio, I to use a compressed air canister. On one occasion I moved the airstream accidentally over the covered rear end of a pipe and initiated a short high-pitched sound. With some experimentation I was able to find the angle and direction of the nozzle to repeat this sound at will. This observation resulted in the development of the air compression pipes that are the suitable supplement to air compression horns. Their sound is slightly reminiscent of steam engines/locomotives."

Technical Details

Year: 2010

There are two groups, consisting of sixteen rectangular pipes, each of which are served by a valve-block. The compressed air is released through a nozzle into the open pipe. The overtones can be achieved by subtle variations in air pressure and direction. A compressor serves as a wind machine.

rectangular pipes, nozzles, valve island

30 kg

height 220cm [=7.2 ft.] x width 40cm [=1.3 ft.]


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