Helix-Hörner (Helix-Horns)

“Forms in nature are based on fascinating mathematical principles like the Fibonacci sequence, which represents the growth rules of plants and animals. A folded sine wave results in a form resembling natural horns. I wondered how such a form would sound. In 1988, I began to construct mathematically based Helix Horns. Principally, the horn is an infinite sine wave. I shaped a section of a steel sheet into a Helix Horn."

Technical Details

Year: 1989

The development of the sound generator for the Helix Horns took several attempts, the last and best solution was the “Zetfon,” the sound generator for a classic ship’s horn produced by the Zöllner Company and which was adapted for the Helix Horn.

There are eight Helix Horns in different sizes and fundamental notes, each fitted with its own electrical pneumatic sound generator. A specially constructed MIDI-control allows each Helix Horn to play several notes and their overtones.

steel sheets which galvanized in a silvery sheen

110 kg

several sizes; the more slender design is 350cm [=11.5 ft.] high, has a total length of 1200cm [=39.4 ft.]


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