Like Christof Schläger, you only have to stroll through everyday life with your ears open and suddenly you are captivated by sounds and noises to which others pay no particular attention. It is during these moments of acoustic amazement and surprise that sound artist Schläger's imagination "clicks". The composer and musician has created a landscape of 50 exclusively mechanical-acoustic instruments for this purpose, consisting of a multitude of magnetic, electrified apparatuses, valves, motors, etc.. This is precisely the experience offered by the spatial sound concert "Reconnected". more info

'Abbauhammer' concert

The 'Abbauhammer' concert is played with a specially prepared compressed air instrument set: sixteen dismantling hammers (eight of them with sound funnels), two hoist-pull motors, two impact wrenches, two baffle plates, four boiler bottoms, four stamps, four specially built compressed air motor horns, two pit cage signal bells. The concert is controlled by a "score machine" built for this purpose and operated by the artist. more info


Hammerwork consists of four air drums woth eight pneumatically powered hammers for which the stretched membranes of kevlar -a synthetic fiber of high tensile strength- over a circular mounting with an internal diameter of 1.50 meters. Attached to each drum are sixteen hammers each of which are fitted with a pneumatically operated rotational joint the heads of which covered with various materials, strike the membrans. more info


The Soundgate concert project is a whole landscape of unique instruments which realize the "orchestra". The "unvisible" center of the whole scene are the four gates for this musical "transit". One gate has 32 iron bells in a circular arrangement. This shape makes it possible to play the bells like a planetary movement. The total arrangement consists of 290 sound elements intergrate in 20 sound machine objects. more info

Begegnungen... (Connections)

This is a playful connection from improvised music and composed sequences with the sound machines of Christof Schläger. The main connection is the natural sound of classical instruments and the pure acoustic sound of the mechanical machine instruments. It is a meeting between composed moments from the machines and intuitive, fresh responses from the musicians. more info

Schwebenden Klöpperböden


Like three little Ufos the 'Klöpperböden' float in space. On the surface of the objects many incised tongues can be seen. They can be struck with the fingers and create a floating sound. You can try out the next "UFO" and a small improvised sound figure unfolds. The sounding tones are free and follow no known scale. more info

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