Fog Horn Konzert

The Minimal Music Festival in Amsterdam was opened with a spectacular ship's horn concert. An installation consisting of 144 ship's horns moved the audience into a hypnotic sound space under the open sky. The concert started with the four-part work "Da pacem Domine" composed by Arvo Pärt. mehr info


A special orchestra has brought the end of the coal era to UNESCO world heritage Zollverein in Essen rang in. More than one hundred compressed air horns play on a square kilometers of industrial space and transformed the area into a concert hall. The project was an overall staging of a four-part composition, light and fire. mehr info


The "finale" concert was the brilliant closing of the festivities to 300 years Karlsruhe: from the castle futuristic instruments played exactly synchronously with the flames of the pyrotechnicians. Amazingly silent flames produced the fire magic. Their precise control allowed a perfect interaction with the musical course of the composition. Three places of sound played over the distance of 100 meters synchronize together. mehr info

URHO & Urban Horns

Asounding city, on the land, in the water, and in the air! More than one hundred ship’s horns sounded at the opening of the Helsinki Festival 2013. This spatial composition sounded simultaneously in five locations including Icebreaker Urho, a fleet of hot air balloons and two choirs. mehr info

Magic Square

It is a special set up with 64 horns installed in the middle of a great square. The horns are directing to the four winds, playing with the reverberations of the surrounding buildings, changing them to a sounding sky scraper cathedral. The melodies and rhythms reflecting off the architectural surface, playing compositions with incredibly energetic rhythmical structures, producing an attractive firework of aural textures - the "Magic Square". mehr info


Christof Schläger’s art can be considered a form of land art. The ship’s horn, heavy industrial equipment, canal landscape – the project Schläger calls “Schwingungen” (“Vibrations”) is the first systematic artistic manifestation of this form of acoustic-sculptural land art. mehr info

Gegen den Strom

An original composition performed by 112 ship horns installed on two ships sailing on the Vistula river bend by Wawel Castle, between the D?bnicki and Grunwaldzki bridges. A special choreography for the ships was conceptualized. mehr info

Retro Hornkonzert

Music by Arvo Pärt and classical themes (Vivaldi, Ortiz, Prokofiev) in special instrumental arrangements.

Ur-Konzert der Schiffshörner

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