Description (German)

The miners' nightmare are the "Slapping Weather", a Gas explosion underground. Compressed air is the solution, there are there's no sparks. Thus a true compressed air sound cosmos was created. underground. Filled with hissing valves, howling Air motors and clattering pneumatic hammers. Profane Machine parts become works of art. From their technical shackles free, these music-art objects unfold, amazingly beautiful noise, from compressed air. But the chisels are beating into the void, the mountain is charred.

The "Abbauhammer Konzert" is played with a specially prepared compressed air instrument set: sixteen dismantling hammers (eight of them with sound funnels), two hoist-pull motors, two impact wrenches, two baffle plates, four boiler bottoms, four stamps, four specially built compressed air motor horns, two pit cage signal bells. The concert is controlled by a "score machine" built for this purpose and operated by the artist.



2018, Deutschlandfunk, Corso | german
Musik aus dem Presslufthammer
von Achim Hahm


fragment_1: Warten auf den Steiger

fragment_2: Spielhammer

fragment_3: Tong Hammer

fragment_4: Reichlich mit S2

fragment_5: Beat It

fragment_6: Moderne Luft

fragment_7: Reichlich mit Schalen

fragment_8: Metall Pieces

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