Gegen den Strom - Against the stream
performance: Audio Art Festival
location: river Vistula, Krakow
date: sep 2011

VIDEO: Audio Art Festival Krakow 2011


In September 2011 a great event took place at the Vistula river. A concert for 2 ships and 112 ship horns (Gegen der Storm - Against the stream) by Christof Schläger: an original composition performed by 112 ship horns installed on two ships sailing on the Vistula river bend by Wawel Castle, between the D?bnicki and Grunwaldzki bridges. A special choreography for the ships was conceptualized by the dramatic adviser Marjon Smit.

The instruments installed on the ships created a moving sound installation, playing sounds from old music to incredibly energetic rhythmical structures, producing an attractive firework of aural textures, with melodies and rhythms reflecting off the water's surface and resonating in the open space of the main river current. The ships came closer and moved away, creating figures on water that was a very important spatial element of the gradually developing composition that lasts over an hour.

Choreography for the ships

The shiftiness of the ships allowed a "dance on the water". The choreography for this dance was created by Marjon Smit. At the beginning the two vessels had at a distance of approximately one half kilometer. The blue barge (with the name "Tur") started with a "call and response" piece and the red barge (with the name "Zubr") answered with the next piece. While they are playing the ships started the dance on the water with many movements and rotations. Half the way, both ships made a chaining maneuver and moved away like one ship, creating more than16 "figures" on water. That was a very important spatial element of the gradually developing composition.

The project was sponsered by the City of Krakow in cooperation with the Krakow Festival Office, the Muzyka Centrum, the German federal state NRW and the Goethe Institute Krakow, Radio RMF Classic.

Gegen den Strom (PDF-german)


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