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Construction of instruments
One instrument consists of 32 tonal airpressure horns. There are four groups of 16 horns assembled on a 5 m [=16.4 feet] high lifting tower. In the construction is the electronic and pneumatic controll unit. The whole instrument will be controlled by a extra notebook. The musician can start and supervise the composition, which is saved in the notebook. To drive the whole installation are some technical requirements needful: Power for the Notebook and electronic: 230 Volt AC (minimal 6 Amp. sine wave if from a generator) Compressor for the horns: Portable compressor (driven by diesel) important: super silent. Data: min. 7 bar and a volume of min.1000 liter per minute or more.

Controlling the orchestra
In order to play these machines, Schläger initially used an industrial control system by Klöckner Möller, which is still in use for the regulation of waterworks, railways, and traffic lights. However, this method of programming proved to be cumbersome, he therefore decided to apply the data transfer protocol MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) which offered him much more convenient options. However, it is necessary to interpose a laptop with sequencers, compositional and notation programs between the two. With MIDI the programming of the operations of motors and magnetic pickups is enabled. Although the sound machines are then ready for use in performances and in installations, they are not considered completed, rather they are subject to an ongoing process of modification, a constant fine-tuning and adjustment of their sound characteristics.

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