„The preparation of the piano was no longer sufficient enough to create a sound machine instrument. The sound machine was the first instrument completely eschewing electronic sound generation. All sound and tones were generated mechanically in a direct physical manner. No meta-level, only pure sound."

Technical Details

Year: 1984

The first sound machine was constructed over thirty years ago. It consisted of three elements: The sound sculptures named Klangmuschel (Sound Shell), Gewittersäule (Thunderstorm Column), and Sirene. All have mechanical sounders and can be activated directly by switches and regulators. The Sound Shell has a rotating disc with a scratcher, a rotating ring consisting of springs, a hammer, sounders, magnet horn, and drilling motor. The Thunderstorm Column has rotating chains on two garage gate springs, a metal rod carousel, a buzzer, and a beater. Sirene consists of a wind machine and three perforated disc motors.

metal bodies, motors, blowing machines, switches, controls

150 kg

Sirene 140cm [=55.1 in.], Sound Shell 120cm [=47.2 in.], Thunder Storm Column 250cm [=98.4 in.], control panel 90cm [=35.4 in.]

Klangmaschine (PDF-german)


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