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VIDEO: Shanghai, Electronic Music Days 2013, concert 'Magic Square' at concert hall

VIDEO: KA300 Stadsgeburtstag Karlsruhe 2015, concert "Ausklang"

„The music truly changes when one moves from one place to another. The emphasis of the sound moves to the sound-producing instrument which one is currently approaching. Also very succinct echoes are made from the penetrating sound of the ship's horn. They form an independent layer of composition which furthermore causes the sound to be carried far and wide. The sound space which Christof Schläger opens up with his concert covers several square kilometres."


The concert is a game with the vastness of the landscape. Echoes and long maturities of the notes will be at the concert became an important musical instrument. The tools must of course be strong signal. Ship horns and air raid sirens are such long-range signal. After extensive renovation it will be the instruments. The concert will take place simultaneously at several places. The compositions are adapted to the large distances. It always results in a large room the sound of the audience by changing their resort, can even hike itself.

Some realized projects show the opportunities of the Urban Horn Concert:

>> URHO & Urban Horns (concert with icebreaker, seven ballons and two Choirs)
>> Schwingungen (Vibrations) (concert with cement pumps)
>> Ausklang (concert at castle Karlsruhe)
>> Gegen den Strom (concert at two schips)
>> Magic Square (hornconcert between the giant skyscrapers of Shanghai)

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