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„This music has a three-dimensional nature, through the fact that the sounds reach the listener from several directions. The delicately woven timbres that develop in the exterior spaces spread as an acoustic ambiance over the landscape and form an interactive relationship with other sounds and noises that are integral to the landscape"

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Dr Hanno Ehrler wrote about his impressions of the effect of the horn concert in a DLF radio report.

'...The music truly changes when one moves from one place to another. The emphasis of the sound moves to the sound-producing instrument which one is currently approaching. Also very succinct echoes are made from the penetrating sound of the ship's horn. They form an independent layer of composition which furthermore causes the sound to be carried far and wide. The sound space which Christof Schläger opens up with his concert covers several square kilometres...'

'...In his horn concert Christof Schläger firstly works with simple structures, traditional composition techniques. For example, staggered repetitions as in the fugue or meshed rhythms as in the 'minimal music'. With refined variations and with the interconnection of both instruments Christof Schläger creates a musical structure with many voices. Through the echo effects of the landscape the piece becomes a complex 3-dimensional structure...'

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2011, Deutschlandfunk, Atelier Neuer Musik

Klänge, die über Wasser Schweben (PDF-Deutsch)

2007, Deutschlandfunk
Hornkonzert am Kanal

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