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I observe so much this circular beheviour. It is difficult to escape of this stagnating routines. One of the greatest challenges I undergo is to break open such circuits and get a nieuw point of view. The Soundgate concert project is a whole landscape of unique instruments which realize the "orchestra". The "unvisible" center of the whole scene are the four gates for this musical "transit". One gate has 32 iron bells in a circular arrangement. This shape makes it possible to play the bells like a planetary movement. The total arrangement consists of 290 sound elements intergrate in 20 sound machine objects. The manner of sound generating is absolutely "natural". That means that there is no amplification, no laud speker music and all sound are produce by physical action through magnets, motors or air. Each sound element is connected to an interface and can be played by a electronical score.

The composition is based in great parts on cyclic-rotating figures. These cyclic themes transform and migrate in four steps from one instrument group to the next one. This migration is not onls changing of the sound colour but rather an noving in the space to the next sound-object. For example the sound change from the 64 iron bells in the middle to the air driven Siren and M-pipes. In the composition has four of such steps:1-the motion got stuck, 2-realize distress, 3-motion to the new, 4-transition. After the third step the instruments of the beginning will come back but in a complete trannsformed way. The transition is pass through the old motive is gone and a new panoramic view appear.

Soundgate (PDF-german)


fragment_1: Kulong

fragment_2: Typedrum & Drumgate

fragment_3: Kulong


Overview of the Soundmachines

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Drum-Gate (2016)


Material: steel, rubber membranes, valve block
Weight: ?
Dimensions: length 400cm [13.1 ft] x height 350cm [=11.5 ft]

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Kulong (2009)

32 Typewriter magnets strike custom-made oval metal cylinders. There are two versions: One tuned B gate consisted of a Typedrum to F#, one tuned G to D.

Material: 32 magnets, steel
Weight: 50 kg
Dimensions: height 300cm [=9.8 ft] x length 380cm [=12.5 ft] x width 80cm [=2.6 ft]

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Typedrum (2009)

The clattering backdrop of electric daisy wheel typewriters has become an acoustic museum’s rarity. This particular sound environment was revived here. For Typedrum small level arms strike membranes of print foil mounted on round tires.

Material: 16 magnets, metal, foil
Weight: 40 kg
Dimensions: height 300cm [=9.8 ft] x length 380cm [=12.5 ft] x width 80cm [=2.6 ft]

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Selektor (2004)


Weight: 6 kg
Dimensions: height 80cm

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